Monday, October 13, 2008

“Hair’s” to a Wonderful Wedding Day!

It’s not a matter of “hair” today, gone tomorrow but one that will be talked about for days and even months afterward – the hairstyle you wear on your wedding day is as important as your dress or any other accessory and must be chosen and done with the care it deserves. Weddings are all about being beautiful, about showcasing your best features and looking like a dream come true as you float down the aisle bathed in your own radiance and joy. Keeping with trend, here are a few tips to prevent your wedding day from becoming a bad hair day:

“Dress” up your hair: Choose your hair style based on your wedding dress. Some designs call for the elegance of the twist while others literally beg you to let your hair down. Take into account the neckline, shoulder design and the relative formality (or lack of it) when you decide how you want to wear your hair.

“Accessorize” your tresses: It’s not enough that your dress and hair go hand in hand; you must take care to see that your veil and accessories match too. The best way to see if they all form a pretty and perfect picture is to have your hair done the way you want to as you’re trying out your wedding dress and accessories.

“Groom” and shine: Dull and listless hair is a definite no-no on your wedding day. Make sure you begin a good grooming and conditioning routine months before the big day to put that sleek shine in your locks. Rope in a salon to help you plan for the big day and get your hair in shipshape condition so that it glows and shimmers as you walk down the aisle.

“Lock” in your plans”: If you’re looking for ideas for innovative hairstyles, leaf through glossy and wedding magazines, surf the Internet, watch television shows or observe people at weddings or parties to see what you like. You could also visit your salon to see what ideas they throw up.

“Suiting” the hour: And last but not the least, make sure the style you choose suits you. Sure, it’s tempting to go with the latest trends, but it’s wiser to factor in windy outdoors, maintenance aspects and face appeal before you decide on the style for your crowning glory. You don’t want to be remembered as the bride whose hair blew all over her face or lost a pin or two as she fumbled her vows.

So now that you know how to prevent hair horror stories on your wedding day, “hair’s” to a very happy and special day.

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