Friday, March 4, 2011

Does shampooing your hair everyday damage it

The notion that daily washing destroys hair is "a myth". In fact straight fine hair tends to look greasy if its not shampooed everyday. Although for most women washing two or three times a week is adequate. An exception to the rule would be black women, whose fragile hair suffers from the tangling that washing involves, and whose hair may get dried out by shampoos that would have no ill effects on other hair types.Women of color shouldn't shampoo their hair more than once a week.
Also women who color, perm, or straighten their hair may benefit from less frequent shampooing.
Women with naturally curly hair that straightens it may only shampoo every other day or so, this too is okay.
No one knows your hair like you do! If you feel better by shampooing daily do it! If you like to only shampoo a few times a week that's fine too.Just make sure that you are using a good shampoo. Rinsing the conditioner out well. And make sure that you rinse hair with cool water!

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