Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hiring a Professional Stylist for your Wedding

{Plan ahead to get the right professional bridal hair and make-up artist}
Choosing a stylist is a little tricky and shouldn't be done at the last moment. When looking for a wedding day stylist you should consider using someone that specializes in wedding hair and makeup. When you find someone you like ask to see their portfolio, talk with them about your ideas and the styles you are planning to evoke at your wedding. Look for someone who has similar taste and who wants to support your dreams on your wedding day. Equally important is reliability: ask for references and call the stylists' old clients to ask a few questions. Did the stylist show up on time? Was he or she prepared, having brought the tools needed to get the job done? And was the bride comfortable with stating her wishes and getting what she wanted from the stylist?

{Practice, Practice, Practice}
Be sure to do a practice! This is extremely important to be sure you are getting what you want on your wedding day. The first trial usually takes longer and you can make changes without a time constraint like you would have on your portrait day or wedding day.

A practice can be a great way to avoid hair like this on your wedding day ; )

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