Friday, August 29, 2008

Combining Professional Hair and Makeup with Photography

{For the photos}

Having your hair and makeup professionally done for your bridal session, engagement session and wedding day can benefit your photos by helping you look your absolute best!

When you have your makeup professionally done, you may feel your makeup is a little thick or heavy, However photography diminishes the look of makeup and you will look less made up in the pictures than when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Take the long view when you plan your appearance on your wedding day, Imagine what you will think when you look at the pictures twenty years from now. A look that's very trendy today runs some risk of looking silly in the future. Natural and real never goes out of style.

Consider the time of day and wedding setting: Night, Day, or Weddings Outdoors.
If your wedding is during the day and outside and the reception in the evening and indoors, you may want to schedule a second makeup session between the ceremony and the reception. You may need makeup that's lighter for daytime portraits, but for evening revelries you may want to go a little heavier on the eye makeup. Darker eye shadow, deeper blusher and shimmery lip color may be perfect for nighttime, but in the daylight you may need more natural eye shadow colors and a matte lipstick. Work out the details with your stylist so all your portraits come out showing you at your very best.

Choosing to do a second look for the reception is becoming more and more popular with brides. Not just changing into another wedding dress but changing your hair to a different style to really blow away the guests at the reception. Wearing your hair up for the ceremony and then down for the reception can add a fun and unexpected twist on your wedding day.

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