Thursday, September 4, 2008

Looking Gorgeous On Your Wedding Day!

{Looking drop dead gorgeous on her wedding day is every bride's dream, so here are some cosmetic tips that will help you look your best}

*Wear a blouse that is the same color as your wedding dress (white, ivory, pink, etc) to your makeup trial. Makeup looks different depending on the colors a person is wearing, so keep that in mind as you get your practice done before your big day.

*If you normally don't wear false eyelashes, but you want that hint of glamor for your wedding day, then be aware that they may take some getting used to after the trial. Most women have their trial and then get worried about how their eyes look because they are not used to the false lashes. You may think they are big, but they translate a lot smaller in your photos and really help bring out your eyes.

*A lot of brides tend to dry out their skin in an attempt to clear up any blemishes, but this keeps the foundation from going on smoothly and leaves you with a rough, cakey texture. Start a moisturizing regime well before your wedding day that includes a good moisturizer contact us for suggestions and be sure to drink lots of water as well. The 8 glasses a day guideline is not only healthy, but it's a miracle worker for your complexion.

*Having your makeup professionally done helps it last all day and it also helps to keep your face from washing out in photos. This is definitely an area to splurge on for your wedding.

*If you're getting married in the warmer months, consider picking up an Icy Bag to keep your makeup from melting. Icy Bags are cosmetic bags that keep the contents cool inside. Seriously, every woman should own one of these herself, bride or not.

*Have your brows waxed two days prior to your wedding day so that any redness or swelling is gone and so that the skin has a little bit of time to settle down and heal before you have your makeup done.

*Be mindful of how much alcohol and heavy foods you eat the night before - both can cause you to look a bit puffy and less than your best.

*Definitely have fun with your bridesmaids the night before your wedding - spending that time together is great for girl talk and enjoying the company of your closest friends. But skip the mud masks, facial scrubs, or any other type of slumber party DIY services. You don't want to wake up on your wedding day to find that your skin reacted in an unpleasant way!

*The best tip of all is to relax and enjoy your day!

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